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Spotify have put “Ain’t Got A Clue” on their prolific “Laugh Out Loud” Playlist. With a total library of over 2.2million podcasts, that certainly is no mean feat! Especially when you put into account that at the end of Q2 Spotify had over 365M listeners and over 165M subscribers!

“Ain’t Got A Clue” is from the team that brought you How To Kill An Hour featuring Legendary Comedian Kae Kurd and our very own Marcus Bronzy.

“Marcus & Kae have come to the shocking realisation that their general knowledge is terrible. Television game shows and quizzes over Zoom have them often reciting the phrase “I ain’t got a clue” when a question is asked.

There’s only one way to fix this…get the answer, and find a way to make it memorable…and that is where the fun starts…”