10,000 +

Live attendees per event


Streamed Audience Size


Riders Per Race

Marcus scored an ‘electrifying’ new gig as one of the lead presenters for “eSkootr Championship” aka the eSC.

BBC and ESPN /DAZN snapped up the rights to distribute eSC to 400 million people around the world and by it’s second event in Sion, Switzerland was pulling in physical crowds of over 10,000 people.

Due to the multiple racing discipline eSC crosses over with, Marcus has become the go to presenter to interview world class F1 Drivers, Olympians and celebrities alike for eSC.

eSC is an electric scooter racing series which launched its debut season in 2022. Races will take place in several city centre locations across the world. The series was conceived by motorsport entrepreneur Hrag Sarkissian and former racing driver Khalil Beshir.

Marcus will operate multiple roles including – Explainer videos, trackside interviews, tech explainers for the high tech S1-X scooter technology they are using and post race analysis live.

The core values of eSC are inclusivity, sustainability and course high level entertainment which makes it one of the most forward thinking super sports to exist ever.