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Trek Channel on YT



The internet’s a fun place, and coincidentally so is WhatCulture.com. It is also one of the biggest YouTube networks in the world.

In spring 2020, as well as joining the ranks of their mainstream output; Marcus launched a new arm of Star Trek Themed output called ‘Trek Culture’.

This Star Trek devoted YouTube channel, creates content such as lists, rankings, news and editorials from pop culture’s most iconic franchise. Subjects include past Star Trek seasons, forthcoming and new Star Trek shows & has spawned a Trek Podcast!

This also was an opportunity for Marcus to flex his interview skills interviewing big name stars such as Mike McMahan & David Ajala.

In such a short space of time TrekCulture has cemented itself as the largest ‘Trek” channel in the world with over 250,000 subscribers. By the time you have read this it will probably definately be more.