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‘This quote from some old ledge* sums up exactly how I feel about Marcus:
‘Everyone pretty much acknowledges that he’s the man, and I still feel that underrates him…’ 
I’ve worked with Marcus for some time now and we’ve travelled far — from idea to screen and back again, and he’s never failed to deliver something original. The proverbial icing on the cake is that he’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.’ 

Adam Stone aka King ADZ Creative Director Havas

*Jack Nicholson talking about Stanley Kubrick

When O2 originally approached Marcus asking for a repeatable ‘mobile first’ online video format that could be used across multiple phone launches, he presented them with New Phone Who Dis (click here for more). 

A series written and produced by Marcus for O2 that takes a new device out to test it in the ‘real world’ with a familiar face.

O2 liked it so much they wanted to step it up a gear in every way.  Which Marcus did, Proving that he can create valuable, repeatable brand engagement without losing its zest.

It is distributed via O2,  How To Kill An Hour and its presenters social networks. It’s been so successful it has now become an integral strategy in their handset launches throughout the year