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We’ve worked with Marcus across a number of high profile projects, from attending Ford’s final appearance at Le Mans24H to the global launch of our All-Electric Mustang Mach-E in Los Angeles. Throughout, I found Marcus fantastic to work with. He has a natural ability to find the story and bring it to life creatively via a plethora of media – from audio, to long form video or social content – I trust Marcus to deliver authentic storytelling on behalf of the brand.

Marc Taylor, Social Media Communications Director, WPP Ford Comms Hub

Ford released a new limited edition Mustang ‘Bullit’. Marcus drove to Le Mans, France (in a Mustang GT no less), creating podcast content, photographs and video reviews.

Ford were so pleased they invited him to the launch of their first electric Mustang, the ‘Mach-E’ in Los Angeles later in the year.