Marcus Bronzy was invited on to Mark Dolan’s TalkRadio show to discuss all things tech and of course How To Kill An Hour!

They chatted for about half an hour on Sunday 9th August during a special segment called “My Life In Gadgets” , designed just for Marcus!

Mark and Marcus discussed Marcus’ love of Star Trek and the latest episode (at the time of recording) of How To Kill An Hour which featured Star Trek: Lower Deck’s creator Mark McMahan!

Marcus’ love of tech shone through the interview as they delved deeper into his life in gadgets, discussing Marcus’ love of music, his views on digital vs analogue, how DJ’s make themselves Unique, Music streaming services, his favourite podcast RadioLab WNYC, the first laptop Marcus ever owned and the timeless Blackberry Bold 9700.

You can listen to the episode which spawned a lovely conversation between Mark and Marcus below and Marcus’ 30 minute interview below! (21:00 – 21:30)